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The mythology of farming and agrarian bliss runs deep in our cultural consciousness.

It's difficult to separate fact from fiction even when you've done the statistical research and spoken to other farmers to get perspective. The fact is in any business, the failure rate hovers near 90%. The same is true for farming. Only 1 in 10 beginning farmers will be in business beyond 5 years.


A sustainable business should meet these parameters :


- the only income is derived from the farm (no secondary income off the farm)

- ability to pay yourself a living wage and afford necessary quality of life benefits like health insurance

We work as a team with other professionals within their agricultural scope of expertise, whether it be food policy, farm inputs, niche products, variety development, or law.


Our goal is to help you make the best decisions possible, given the realities of your situation. We aren't here to sell you property, lease you land, or sell you our products.

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