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The down low

Invincible Summer Farms is a diverse small farm and not only do we grow everything we sell, but we do this through the entirety of the plant life cycle by saving seeds. Essentially seed to seed.

We save the seeds, then grow the plants, harvest the product and begin the cycle again. Rare seed varieties are sourced and procured carefully, as well as new unique farm varieties that are bred with intention. This process takes a minimum of 3 years before the product can even be available.

We sell wholesale directly to our clients and value those relationships in which mutual effort and collaboration are essential  when working with rare products.

Because of the time-consuming and complex nature of our work, combined with the fact that we have a small crew, we are not open to the public nor do we operate a farmstand.

However, there are two exceptions to this :

Yearly plant sale

We have a plant sale open to the public once a year to raise money for the Long Island Regional Seed Consortium.  This takes place 2 weekends in May.  These weekends will be posted in advance.

Pre-ordered products

Additionally, there are opportunities to pre-order produce for pick-up on Saturdays between 12pm-4pm, as we do not operate a farmstand.

Pre-orders are extremely limited and are sold "first come first served" basis. Produce that is available will be posted on the website.

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